Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Reality of True Faces

This World has nothing to offer of value, except for life-long lessons and sorrows.  One of the greatest lessons one must learn in order to appreciate the sanctity of friendship is to choose your friends wisely.  At the time they may seem like a perfect fit for you, offer you their praise and settle your comfort in their false promises.  The truth of the matter is, look deeply into their true nature and see what lies beneath their eyes.
They say that you will know the value of your friend under 3 circumstances 1) In your time of need, 2) behind your back and 3) How stingy they are with their money.  These 3 traits my people are very valuable when defining the value of a person.  As fate has it, if you see that your "friend" even displays one of these traits, well then don't put too much faith in them because once the time comes, their true colors will show and all that you will be left with will be a sense of regret for all that time which you wasted with that miserable person.
We all have known people in our lives who have "burned" us in the past and have left their long lasting impressions which force us to say "never again" to share any experiences with them. These my people, are nonchalant "friends" who only see their good in situations and when the opportunity arrives "will throw you under the bus".  It's an unfortunate aspect of life but which also carries along with it, its timeless advice to keep you safeguarded from such wicked people in this World.
The fact of the matter is, they will never change no matter how much "love, respect and honour" you give them. It is simply in their nature to never understand the bigger picture in life from which you perceive while only focusing on the narrow tunnel vision on which they function in.
But instead of "hating them or wishing ill upon them" we can only pray for them to recover from their dis-eased hearts and minds.  Truth be told you will always be happy, they won't.  In their egotistical minds they are at War with everyone they see.  They have no compassion nor any lament for any person, even in their time of need for they will only "help" if they seek their own benefit in the transaction.  This psychological warfare which these people have with other people is only a reflection of what goes on in their minds.  They have no love inside for themselves, they have no acceptance for who they are, in fact they are impostors in their minds, trying to fool everybody with their "false impressions" but the saddest part of all is that they are only fooling themselves.  These people my friends, are miserable, cowards in their own right and sadly people who will never garner true friendships in their time.  "If you can't accept yourself as a person, then why would someone else?"
The fact of the matter Is, I could go on about characteristics of these people but that would only waste my time and yours.  Truth be told, the answer to this dilemma is how YOU can benefit from this ordeal.
The greatest characteristic of a thriving person is their ability to persevere.  "When the going gets tough, you get tougher."  Sometimes we feel as if we're "losing the battle", "taking maximum hits to our most vulnerable places" but in reality it is our will to succeed which determines our outcome.  Sometimes It feels like you're in the bottom of a dark, musty well, looking high above into the impossible horizon with a clear view in sight.  What you may see are dark clouds hovering with steamy rain and volumous waters falling deep into your well.  As time goes by, the water rises to your knees, eventually coming high upto your elbows then all the way to your neck.  Want to know a secret? The water will never reach higher than your neck.  "Stick to your guns and show your sterner stuff", stand firm throughout the storm and what you'll witness is sort of a miracle in your eyes.  Eventually the impossible storm will get weaker and weaker and then just stop.  As the clouds clear up what you'll now see might be the most beautiful thing ever.  Luminous rays of light coming down on your body illuminating the once dark corners of the well.  What you'll now see finally in the lighted well are impressionable stones in the walls which you can climb to all the way to the top. "No one said it would be easy" but as you keep climbing, the sight of success begins to seem more and more likely and the thought of failure begins to seem like a mirage of the past.  Eventually you will reach the top, climb your way out of the well and where once everything was dark, moist and heavy you now witness the most beautiful view in sight, utter freedom and victory.
Where you succeeded, only a hopeless person would drown because he/she would lose their spirits and in their last ounce of breath they waste it on drowning themselves down into the water because they have no hope for survival.  These, my people, are what call the real failures in life.  They are too afraid to persevere and conquer their fears and instead only drown themselves in their utter hopelessness.  As the expression goes "I was neck-deep" we can elaborate that no matter how bad the situation is, "what's the worst that could happen?" and only ask yourself this question with a broader perspective in life.  For some, losing their cellphone was a huge tragedy, while for others the same feeling is derived from losing their only son to a battle of cancer.
Our life is a test, we are simply characters in this game of life and as we all see in movies, the good guy always wins.  Perhaps that may not be true sometimes, but how does one define a win simply? Sometimes we win our battles, but lose the war, while other times we may lose the battle but win the war.  My personal opinion, it's okay to lose our battles sometimes, its part of the human experience, but in the end....Always Win The War

And one more thing to note "there's always light at the end of the tunnel" ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The reality of..reality

Life is truly something to wonder at. A marvel in itself, an enigma to appreciate with all its obstacles and tests.  Sometimes you feel as if its the best feeling in the World to experience life, sometimes you wish you were never born when you hit your lowest low.
Our conscience is a remarkable thing.  It keeps us from crossing boundaries and also allows us to expand our horizons with its meaningful interpretations of proper reasoning.
Sometimes life seems simple, everything can be witnessed across the grand horizon and then it feels as if the darkest clouds cover that beautiful celestial scenery making life seem so dark and impossible to live through its struggles and perils.
I could go on about how "hard" life seems but that would only cause further depression in my mood and yours so I'll save you from the despair and move on to the true issue at hand, which is what we're supposed to do when shit hits the fan.
Humans are truly remarkable creatures, their determination can be their single most important quality when faced with adversity.   How many times have you experienced a struggle in your life which at the moment seemed like the worst thing ever.  As if it was life changing, something so big that you would always remember and never forget even in your brightest days.
The solution? Resilience, Determination, the Will.  Sometimes you'll see a rich person who has everything in the World yet seems so miserable while comparing them to a poor person who smiles at you as if he has it all.  Life is long, we're here for a reason, obstacles are a part of life.  And the Creator tests those who he loves the most.  If life throws at you lemons, make lemonade.  Everything happens for a reason.  Wishing something never happened will never change what happened, it is only wishful thinking.  Understanding that everything happens for a reason and that it's always for the better will help you overcome your tragedies and make you a much a stronger person.  Just like the skin forms a hard callous after injury it can be related that spiritually and mentally we can become stronger people after a slap in the face by the harsh realities of life.
But remember that adversities come and go, it is the process and the outcome which is the most important lesson to learn from.  Anger, regret and resentment only make things more complicated, the true solution is to accept our challenges openly and even when it seems like you'll never get through this or wishing that you could fast forward in time to not experience the pain, know that you were meant to experience this and it is only for your growth and spiritual development.  One thing to sum up everything in this writing:
"A rock under pressure turns to diamond"