Sunday, January 8, 2012

The reality of..reality

Life is truly something to wonder at. A marvel in itself, an enigma to appreciate with all its obstacles and tests.  Sometimes you feel as if its the best feeling in the World to experience life, sometimes you wish you were never born when you hit your lowest low.
Our conscience is a remarkable thing.  It keeps us from crossing boundaries and also allows us to expand our horizons with its meaningful interpretations of proper reasoning.
Sometimes life seems simple, everything can be witnessed across the grand horizon and then it feels as if the darkest clouds cover that beautiful celestial scenery making life seem so dark and impossible to live through its struggles and perils.
I could go on about how "hard" life seems but that would only cause further depression in my mood and yours so I'll save you from the despair and move on to the true issue at hand, which is what we're supposed to do when shit hits the fan.
Humans are truly remarkable creatures, their determination can be their single most important quality when faced with adversity.   How many times have you experienced a struggle in your life which at the moment seemed like the worst thing ever.  As if it was life changing, something so big that you would always remember and never forget even in your brightest days.
The solution? Resilience, Determination, the Will.  Sometimes you'll see a rich person who has everything in the World yet seems so miserable while comparing them to a poor person who smiles at you as if he has it all.  Life is long, we're here for a reason, obstacles are a part of life.  And the Creator tests those who he loves the most.  If life throws at you lemons, make lemonade.  Everything happens for a reason.  Wishing something never happened will never change what happened, it is only wishful thinking.  Understanding that everything happens for a reason and that it's always for the better will help you overcome your tragedies and make you a much a stronger person.  Just like the skin forms a hard callous after injury it can be related that spiritually and mentally we can become stronger people after a slap in the face by the harsh realities of life.
But remember that adversities come and go, it is the process and the outcome which is the most important lesson to learn from.  Anger, regret and resentment only make things more complicated, the true solution is to accept our challenges openly and even when it seems like you'll never get through this or wishing that you could fast forward in time to not experience the pain, know that you were meant to experience this and it is only for your growth and spiritual development.  One thing to sum up everything in this writing:
"A rock under pressure turns to diamond"

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