Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Feelings

Curiosity is the greatest fuel for motivation.

You can offer me mountains made of gold, ocean's covered in exotic gems, providing desserts with grains of diamonds as its sand but if you cannot offer me the affection of your heart then I shall remain the poorest man on earth.

the shield of love is greater than than the attack of hate

purify the soul, migrate like the geese towards the heart

if your fear of criticism restricts you from making conscientious decisions then you will go no where in life. Never doubt yourself or the beauty of your dreams.

be like the poor man who gives thanks for countless blessings instead of the CEO who grows old with stress and greed.

my only purpose in life is to know who I AM.

be like virgin doves in the sky, playful dolphins in the waters & peaceful cubs on the earth

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