Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nostalgic Childhood Reminiscent Memories

what is love? a state of the mind asking itself a complex question or the heart giving away a simple answer to gives us many questions but few answers...who are we to trash those optimistic thoughts while only seeking pessimistic never smiles over the things that count since he weeps only on the smaller advice to my children: be happy :) love life and love those within is too short, enjoy every second of it...shes the one i said...right the instant moment i saw her, she was the one...that was enough clarification from my heart to convince me...i dont believe in love at first sight, its more like sighting for that first love which fills a void no other emotion can achieve...thats why life gives us those moments to where we have to look twice...whats the fastest thing in this universe? i'd say its time....ask an old man he'll tell you the same thing...whats the most beautiful thing? love...whats the tallest thing? the height of your father when picking you up from the ground...whats the brightest? the light from the sun the instant you come out of your home...whats the most colourful? the forest...whats the shortest? the distance between you and your mother...whats the most frightening? having no one...whats the stupidest thing? fighting...whats the most confusing? asking why people hate others...whats the most interesting? when someone answers your question...whats the happiest moment? when your parents gave you something you really wanted

In my amazement, the beauty of the universe shines...behold those glorious stars, mighty in their size and deep in their features holding within them the mysteries of the universe...its there, the answer its there...everythings there, just look at it slowly and you will see it there...hidden beneath the curtains, its there...

What is God?...something so great that when i look outside my sky, i become overwhelmed with the amount of stars i the point my mind could only consider infinite as a logical solution for their total count....the sky is black, pure with clear sustenace from the Creator to put them there for our admiration...and only our admiration towards the One that is omnipotent and all beauty and grace in nature bask His name in glory...Oh mind cannot grasp what you my simplest, weakest form i look up, but in my deepest forms of thought, the mind begins to collapse when trying to fathom what you are...

What is time? It is something so illusory that it baffles the much as to i cannot complete this point

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