Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How Short Life Really Is..

Three days ago I witnessed some of the saddest moments in my life.  Not personally by me but vicariously through the pain of others.  It was a shocking event to say the least. Me being a 22 year old full of lifes energy, seeming with passion of commitment for a 100 years of lifes' service heard about the death of one of my childhood friends' father.  She's the same age as me, her dad almost the same of age of mine, aah how short life really is. Truth be told the next time I walk out of my house I may never return.  Days go by endlessly and then with a shockingly narrow instant everything changes.  Life is short, simply to put it.  My life to me feels like a dream, I'm only a dreamer, waiting to awaken from my humble abode and then finally be thrusted into the realms which I was meant to experience. Your reality is your reality, mine is mines.

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