Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Power of Perception

Heres a story I would like to share:

Timmy and his friend Tommy went to a gathering in their neighbouring community. There were children, elders, uncles and aunties and other friends present.  At the end of the day both friends were asked what they thought about the event.

Timmy: Dude I loved the event.  There were children running around and it seemed so nostalgic to me as to how I used run and play around like that.  The beautiful silk dresses the girls wore were intricate and divine.  The colours and the scenery of the halls and rooms was decorated very nicely.  It took us 15 minutes to get a picture taken of the whole guys' crew and that was really fun to make. The night was filled with good food, great talks surrounding philosophical issues and walking outside for that good fresh of air.

Tommy: Dude, It was kind of boring.  The kids were too loud screaming their lungs off.  The guests at times weren't talking because they had beef which these other guests told me about.  I mean, it could have been fun if I could hang around with the people I wanted to but they were usually busy with someone else.

Judging by the responses, the two clearly have different experiences to share.  Timmy had a great time and Tommy didn't unfortunately.  Reason being: Both have different mental mindsets.  Timmy has started learning about the Law of Attraction and just changing his thoughts into positive ones.  Tommy on the other hand, is just the same.  The amount of difference which their train of thought has made, affecting their decisions, interaction with people and types of topics of discussion are all affected by a mindset.

Moral of the story: Be grateful, life is too short make the most of it.  Be happy and make others around you happy.

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