Monday, April 30, 2012

The Certainty of Uncertainty

As the old adage goes "we never know what tomorrow brings", this statement will always stay true till the end of times.  Sometimes things may seem so perfect, as if they were meant to be by the higher heavens while other times fate proves us otherwise.  Life takes us many places and brings into our lives many experiences which teach us these valuable lessons.  If there was one lesson I would be certain of, it would be that nothing is certain, no matter the certainty of it.
Now I don't mean to say that things that are certain will fall through, not at all but all I say is that we must be prepared for things to not go our way if they don't go as planned.  Sometimes this is the greatest lesson of life, that life has a life of its own and that maybe we're just placed on this Earth to see how we react to those uncalled-for circumstances.
One saying goes "never be upset that things didn't go as you planned because God had greater plans".  If you keep this close to your heart then you'll never be disappointed because if we leave it up to the Creator to decide for us what is best then we relinquish from ourselves the guilt, pain and failures which we might have blamed ourselves for.  Sometimes its not about the destination but the journey itself which is the greatest lesson in life in our humble experiences.
"Is it better to love and lost it or to not have love at all" is what comes to my mind.  To me love is the most beautiful thing on this God-given Earth.  It's what dreams are made of and from.  It's what gives humans our charm in this Universe and lights up the darkest corners of the abyss.  And with love comes pain that is unimaginable which comes from the uncertainty of love.  Love between 2 lovers is certain, but the uncertainty of the future from those 2 lovers may create such a fear or cognitive torture that love can become the cause of pain in one's mind and heart.
Love is beautiful, pain is temporary and uncertainty is certain in this game of love.  You wish to spend every waking second with your lover, but how can that be achieved when we live in such a dense World where everyday priorities can relinquish that desire.  The only way is to keep that lover in your heart, her memories cherished in your mind and the fragrance of her essence close to your soul.
Sometimes things happen in this World where we might lose that person we so much cherish and desire.  This is the eternal pain of life.  Maybe God has better plans, imagine if the girl of your dreams passes away very young.  Perhaps she was needed in heaven for something greater.  Our lives in this earth are very short-lived and pass by like the blink of an eye.  Don't worry, after you pass away in your short-lived life she'll be waiting for you in heaven with keys to the palace she so lovingly decorated for your arrival.
Your angel awaits..

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