Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Future of Education

Our current education system is faltered.  Students are assigned particular readings and are tested on specific dates on those on topics.  Everyone learns at the same time at the same pace.  What is wrong here is that everyone learns at their own pace.  Some learn better with visuals, other learn better with experience.  One thing is for certain, schools have become boring and outdated in this aspect.  In the present technological renaissance in which we live in, our iphones and android phones have literally raised our standards for entertainment.  No longer can we sit down for 45 minutes and read black text written on whitepaper in our school textbooks.  This is a major crime for the cognitive development of our future generations.  They deserve better than to be forced down to regurgitate outdated facts and memorize texts which they will all soon pass from their short term memory.
The problem here is that students today need to be focused on the task at hand and if that task fails to please them they will most assuredly not be motivated to accomplish that task, hence playing the role of procrastination.  What education needs to do is to become involving and engage its students to become active participants of learning.
Students today are bombarded with visuals and audio which grabs their attention within full spectrum of colors and sounds.  So why hasn't education not caught on entertainment's advice? Be engaging!
We should implement our education system to actively engage our students to become active learners and become "their own teachers" by garnering intrinsic motives within their psyche and fulfilling the mission of creating a curious learner who actively seeks the answers for his questions. Creativity stems from our subconscious processes which are overlooked by our current schooling system and that is where the insanity lies.  Students must be encouraged to "express themselves" by having a creative atmosphere in schools.  In the end of the day, the best teachers are those who inspire their students to make a change in this World for the better.  Or else mediocre teachers will only create frustrated working class people who may never "amount to anything".  The choice is yours education, make the right one!
A great starting book for the future of education would be to read "Democracy and Education" by John Dewey (1910).    

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