Saturday, April 28, 2012

Social Stigma

Whenever we see a person walking by in the street we will judge them based on their appearance, what they wear, how they talk and how they walk.  The most striking judgement we make is on physical looks and attractiveness.  Suppose that person has a lobsided eye then automatically we'll label them as lobsided.  Suppose that person has a deformed hand then we'll automatically come up with thoughts only about that hand, ignoring the rest of their healthy body.  I don't find this fair, or even acceptable but unfortunately that is the way our minds work.  Our brain always looks for patterns and when something stands out we only tend to focus on that logical ambiguity.
I believe that for people with disabilities, they must be given the opposite treatment in society.  What is a defect in society's standards, should society be held in charge for labeling people according to their physical extremities? Because the way fashion models look these days, society in no shape or form has any validity to make a statement on what is considered beautiful and vice versa.  In essence I believe that people with "disabilities" are more special, for they stand out from the general population.  And put yourself in their shoes, they're aware of that and you staring downright at them in a public place doesn't make their life easier.  Instead you should be more courteous, smile and be extra polite.  Because all they need is approval from the public to put a bright ounce of optimism in their delicate lives.  

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