Monday, August 15, 2011

The Beauty of Children

We all remember the good old days when summer was the pinnacle of our existence and the impending first day of school was the lousiest feeling of our lives.  Yes, I am talking about childhood! The time period of our lives which has long gone but has remained significant.  The days when a trip to the toy store was all that you could ask for and watching your favourite cartoons after a long day at school was the best feeling. What is it that makes this such a beautiful time of our lives? I remember always trying to be older and be part of the "cool" older crowd being my older brothers and cousins but now that I've officially segregated into the "cool" stage of my life becoming 22 I've already started to wish that I was not aging so fast.
The beauty of family is that you get to meet many children.  The beauty of children is that they hold much more wisdom than their elders, if only the elders listened.  Yesterday night I was at my uncles house and I had an awesome time with my younger cousins.  All were around the between the ages of 8-11 and man oh man was that an experience for me.  I started off talking to them about dinosaurs, then we got to aliens, then ghosts, religion, energy, ESP and all the way to spirituality.  Not really something an average Joe expects from children but it was me who learned more from them than they learned from me.
At the end of the night I felt as if I made a change in their lives and they too made a change in mines.  We did an exercise which a hypnosis practitioner showed me a few years back.  "Imagine a ball a between your hands and now try to bring your open palms together and contain this imaginary sphere of energy and now as you hold this energy combine it with mine", as I told them this we learned indeed that there is such thing as humans capable of creating this energy just at the tips of their hands if they truly focus and believe it to be certain.  This simple exercise of mine blew their minds as it did mines when I first saw it and who knows maybe it opened a whole new door of possibilities for them.
Children are our future although we forget to appreciate them in our present.  I guess we forget that we were once kids, our present turmoils and problems of our adulthood have veiled us from acknowledging the beauties of our kids.

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