Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kids are Jedi Masters

Feeling tired, a little depressed, lonely, can't find the energy to get up nor feel like doing anything.  How about this, ask kids to come over.  Not the kind you find out of control but the ones that are curious learners and want that someone grown up to tell them cool things about.  Just now I was in my bed on a 2 pm afternoon (yes living the life of a student in the summer with nothing else to do) watching an HBO series the Game of Thrones and in a sudden my 2 neice and nephew walked in my room.  Fast forward 10 minutes i'm outside in my balcony bathing under the sun and typing this blog in a rejuvenated state.  Yes energy is contagious.  Sitting next to someone depressed, well you betcha your not gonna be a happy sailor.  Sitting in a room with a person who starts laughing out of the blue and talking with you, you named it your gonna be having a laugh.
Kids are young Jedis, using their force to give us that boost of excitement and fun in our lives.  They're
great along with being energetic, fun and exciting.  They have no boundaries, they're filled with questions and they will absolutely ask the most random yet thoughtful questions (i.e. if a zombie and a lion fight who will win?)...advice for people chilling with kids, never underestimate any question and actually give it some thought when they ask something.  Never dismiss it like its pointless, maybe for you but the answer means the world for them.  Be a kid and think like one with the experience and knowledge of an adult along with the imagination of a child to give a thoughtful answer.
"Well the lion would win, but...since the lion gets exposed to the blood of the zombie therefore he dies in the end like always...the zombies win!

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