Thursday, March 29, 2012

If only Money wasn't a commodity...

As the title says, If only it were true..Where would humanity be right now? Where would our priorities shift towards? Who would be the richest? Who would be the poorest?
Throughout time, money has been used as a trading chip for goods and services.  Now with so much scarcity and poverty running throughout the World it gives no indication that this source of commodity is doing any good for the poor and unprivileged. It's sad to say but the top 10% of the World own 90% of the Wealth.  Where is the justice in that? I see none, only anarchy and slavery at the hands of the rich and privileged.  It's no surprise that poor nations like Africa suffer while other parts of the World invest billions in luxury resorts.  It's a humane tragedy that no one does anything about it and would instead prefer to intoxicate themselves in the weekend to remain ignorant about issues that should matter the most.
"Treat others the way you would want to be treated"..What happened to this universal law? Is this not a rule which everyone should generally agree on? Yes but very little people actually practice what they preach.  Giving gives receiving..yet people prefer to snatch from the lot of others just to increase their own wealth and tend to forget that God is the greatest provider of all sustenance.
It's a tragedy to realize that over 18,000 children die of starvation each day...not a month or year but a day...its unfathomable that we face global poverty even today when we have become a defined Global Village.
What happened to another beautiful saying "Love thy neighbor" today's society a neighbor does not mean anymore 'he who lives beside your house' but the total populace of the World.  Our neighbors are now widespread throughout the Global regions of Earth.  It's sad to say that we become so concerned about out financial matters that we forget about those who have no money at all to account for..imagine what they are going through..
The fact that you are able to read this in your computer/phone comfortably shows that you are indeed privileged and lucky enough to gain the bountiful blessings of God...cherish your rewards, but appreciate them more by giving back to those who are under you in that is the best form of charity, and happiness of others is happiness for your self

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