Thursday, March 1, 2012

LIfes Mission..

Why am I born into this Earth? For what reason, for what cause? Have I been created to follow the latest fashion trends? Buy the latest gadgets? Poke fun at those who have neither?...
Sometimes I wander, my man is such a docile creature..He has the potential to travel to the cosmos, yet he prefers to stay within his 2 by 3 meter room. Indeed man will never cease to amaze me, as he will never gather amazing results for what lies in front of him. Yet I feel as though I am too harsh on man for there are many who have discovered the secret of their true power. The true power my friends lies within you. And don't take this as a new age concept, because if you carefully study the history of the human civilization, one message stands firm..believe in yourself..that will never fail you. Guide yourself to your innermost intentions and act that vision out. Docility breeds no action, the first step is all it takes, the rest is pure inertia. Everywhere I go all I see is untapped potential, the worst of all seeing a person not even realize their greatness..Am I just being idealistic or asking too much from you? The greatest lesson in life is not to learn from mistakes, but to make mistakes so you are one step closer to making the right decisions..Without a wrong answer there would never be a right one. Everywhere I go all I see is people who have become too tired of making mistakes and are now too afraid to make another decision, persistence is all too rare these days. Man ceases to remember that an eternity of failure can be forgotten within a second of success..
But the time has come for you to get off your lazy arse..Get up! Get up! Can you hear me? I said Get up and look at yourself straight in the mirror and tell yourself that things are gonna be different now. You are not going to trap your mind anymore, you are not going to be a slave anymore, You are free now, You are the one that will bring about a change in their life and in all those who seek a change in theirs. You have what it takes, looks, wealth, lineage are all forms of prejudice which try to dissuade you but one thing to beat them all is courage. Have the courage, because that will be your true weapon against the naysayers who will and always have doubted you from the start.
Believe in your “self”, because you're all its got!   

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