Saturday, March 10, 2012

Loneliness...a sad, sad endeavor

Our greatest threat in our existence is one thing, to suffer at the hands of hate.  Religions may call this sensation the 'devil' and athiests may call this 'depression filled with anger and hate'.  When one reaches the peak of their spiritual enlightenment, a great feeling of hope is splendoured all over the grails of beauty and love.  This majestic feeling is only sensed though, when a person lets go of all the negativity they ever had.
The greatest threat for man is not an outside enemy, but their own 'self'.  Many people have this longing for a 'purpose' a certain 'virtue' that they want to conquer but how can one end the problems of the World if they do not first resolve problems within themselves?..As Shakespeare says "Know Thyself", these two words paint an eloquent picture in my mind.  A burlesque feeling enters my spirit with the enlightening thought that to 'know one's ambitions in their heart' will solve the life long question of 'what is my purpose in life?'..Look deep within yourself, introspect your heart and see what makes you the happiest. The greatest tragedy in life is when a person does not listen to their heart and blindly follows the ambitions of the mind, which can lead to a lot of money, but little spiritual reward.  I stand amazed at the person who does not value their spiritual core but puts such an importance on the artificial value of monetary gain.  These people are deceived, to the point at which they will experience the revelation of their wrong doing at the time of their death when they will lay lonely in their beds, on top of piles of money underneath their mattress but with no family or friends to give them comfort.  For it will be too little too late...
Man's worst enemy is blind ambition I my words, because you may be thinking that there are worse things out there to be his worst enemy such as hate, poverty, evil but with a little thought you will see that these connotations are actually the effects of blind ambition and not it's cause.  To be 'blind' in your ambitions means to not be aware of your true gifts and sources of happiness in life.  To be ambitious about the wrong cause leads one to the wrong path, which in turn follows a path of avarice, hardship and loss of hope.  A feeling of loneliness then enters the mind, long after it has already entered the heart.
Be wise to yourself, think with your heart and then use your mind...where man's greatest treasure is his heart, his greatest weakness can be his mind...

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