Saturday, March 17, 2012


We all long for that everlasting 'love' in our lives...Some go searching for it in the farthest regions of the Earth, while others find it without even thinking about it.  It is this exotic love which we all seek and its the epidemy of our humane existence, "to love and be loved" but as well "to find our true love"...
I believe that our soul mates exist, just like we do, they do as well..somewhere on Earth waiting for us to find them..Some don't believe, but maybe that's why they'll never find one, because they never gave it a chance, or they might get lucky and chance will prove them wrong by helping them accidently find theirs.
How do you know if he/she's the one?
Pretty easy. The very first time you meet her your heart will tell you "she's the one, she's the one..." you will never be more sure of something in your whole life, because from that moment on your heart will completely take over your thoughts and she becomes your World, forever and ever.  It's the greatest feeling in the Universe, nothing is better, nothing! Because everytime you think of her you get such a euphoric feeling of amazement that your existence on this Earth becomes meaningful with an ultimate purpose, "to win her heart over...once and for all"...She will be the first thought in your head when you wake up from your slumber and she will be the last thought in your head before you go back to sleep. That is the power of her attractive pull, her energy which rejuvenates yours and fills you with utter joy and spiritual radiance.  Seeing her and just being with her fulfills your life's existence..for there can be nothing more beautiful than her, she is the definition of love and your soul's existence.  She is the answer to all your questions, she is your weakness, but also your greatest strength.  She is the divine light which lights up your shadows of uncertainty, she is the joy, the happiness and the suffering which you will endure, but not alone, with her.  Not everyone finds their soulmate, but the ones that do, are the luckiest people on this God-given Earth.  For when they do find them, they will know that they're 'the one' and my greatest advice to all is, to fight for her, because if you don't fight for the women of your dreams, then prepare for a lifetime of regret and nightmares.  

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